About Terry Webster

Hi! my name is Terry Webster and im shooter/producer.

I have recently had the pleasure working with a large crew working under Damien Beebe (DOP) shooting a TV series project which required international travel. We were working for a Dubai production shooting a health series which gave myself experience filming in Dubai, UK, in France we worked in Annecy and Nice, Morocco, and the beautiful Switzerland.

I also have solid experience working in an adventure cooking TV genre. My role was DOP with a small crew which put us in the heart of outback bush in the Northern Territory, Cape York, Cook Town, Great Barrier Reef, on a boat for 4 days fishing in Auckland out of the bay of plenty and pick up interviews in Queenstown.

I have worked for many years with brands like Home Beautiful magazine, LG, Carpet Court, Gardena, Husqvarna, NRL Films, MS Research, Destination NSW and many more.

I believe my real strength lies within the ideas for pre-production, I’m fully kitted with the latest filming tools for a small crew to shoot for TV and online content. I really embrace a challenge, recently filming interviews running sound inside of a helicopters, jet boats and other noisy locations and didnt have a problem. See my portfolio for examples.


Here are some of the wonderful clients I have worked with.