What Is This All About?

I am producing a youtube documentary on a life changing moment, and the aim is to give inspiration and education to people suffering from negativity, or feelings of being alone, or depressed and unable to relax mentally!

This is a true story based on some recent events that have changed my world in a positive way .

I have always been your real confident guy, that always loved to laugh, cracking jokes… BUT

I let this little voice in my head, called ego, or the inner critic…

you know the voice – the voice that tells you, your crap or everything else is crap and makes judgments. Sometimes it gives you good advice but at times, it can play with your head. If you didn’t know any better, you would think this voice is you.

And do you know what sucks, if you start believing this voice it can be real BAD for you, and your loved ones. It can turn you into a monster, a real negative, needy, angry person which can cause a repulse effect on people in your world and business, I refer to this space as lack, in a spiritual context it is defined as unconsciousness – at its worst extreme it can feel like depression (I think)… I don’t want to downplay depression, but it is a shit space.

Trust me this story turns into utter beauty, and this is the story I am about to tell!

I have had groundbreaking moments from a recent conference in Sydney called nail it and scale it, and this was where the penny dropped. When the theory of lack vs. abundance was presented to myself, I saw myself as lack.

This was the first step towards to awakening consciousness, having an awareness of my ego and knowing how to manage it.

I’m not an emotional person but throughout this process of change I broke down so many times, I even filmed myself at this lowest point and gave myself the promise of going on a mission to find abundance, an abundance of positiveness in life.

So it ended in a 30-day journey which took me to Bali, Malaysia, Nepal, and a retreat in Pokhara. It was an adventure with ten incredibly passionate and spiritually minded, not religious but extremely consciousness focused people venturing into the most spiritual parts of the world – my life changed and this documentary it going to show, inspire and hopefully educate people about becoming aware and living an astounding life and grow into the best possible version of yourself you could possible be.

Note to self – Consciousness includes everything and excludes nothing….