Hi! I am Terry Webster.

I am a well-traveled Australian Film Maker, working experience in Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, UK, France, like Annecy and Nice, Morocco, Switzerland, Bali, Mentawaii’s, Nepal, Kathmandu, and the Himalayas.

I have had the following working titles from international and local production companies, Cinematographer, DP, Director, B Cam, editor, and still doing some time as a Videographer. TV projects Cooks Co-op, Man Eats Wild, Tasting Australia with Hayden Quinn, I AM Me, and ESPN search for hurt. I super enthusiastic to shoot more series and a burning desire to go over and above what it takes.

In the online space, I have worked for some of Australia’s biggest brands like GoCollaborate, Husqvarna, Gardena, Home Beautiful, LG, Somfy, Carpet Court, Canon, Bosch, Hebal, NRL, and many more.