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  • I have worked with Terry on two large project for Home Beautiful over the past two years.

    He has a fantastic work ethic, always going above and beyond to find solutions for a better outcome for any project. He has an open, friendly approach with all talent and production staff, creating a great atmosphere on set that is productive, fun and innovative. His filming is absolutely beautiful and the fact that he is also a talented editor means that he consistently delivers finished work of the highest quality that really makes a project sing. He has become an integral part of our content strategy and we will continue to work with him.
    Wendy Moore
    Editor in Chief - Home Beautiful / Presenter House Rules
  • Terry’s strengths are built for producing higly engaging digital content.

    Terry has a very sharp eye when it comes to the creation of digital content. His ideas, his artform from behind the lens in video and static media, to understanding all media formats like Broadcast, Online specifications like IGTV and Facebook, building websites, and the tricks in post-production. When it comes to creating content, Terry will be a leading member of the content creation team.
    Tara King
  • Not only have I taught Terry a lot of my tricks, he is also a great friend of mine. He is always talking filming, he lives, eats and breathes production. I had Terry work as my assistant with international production and he nailed it.
    Damien Beebe
    Director of Photography
  • I had the pleasure working with Terry on a 6-week shoot for an adventure cooking show which took us to some of the most remote and testing environments which would test the best of most cinematographers. Terry thrived in these environments, his work was truly outstanding and I wouldn't hesitate using Terry again.
    Michael Ross Robinson
    Series Producer